Crosses and Gifts Galore
                           Crosses and Gifts Galore
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About Us

This is a family based business. We "accidently" came across a man who lead us to "selling crosses". We believe it was Destiny for us to start this business. Something led us to this and we hope to make this a piece of our life. My name is Christina and my husbands name is Charles. We have 5 children, a dog and reside in Port Arthur, Texas. I was raised here, went away to college and somehow made my way back. We are really religious and see crosses on a daily basis. They are beautiful no matter how "simple" some are. We hope to find you a cross that you can look at daily and see the beauty no matter where it hangs in your house or if you buy it for someone else. We hope you take the time to look at our website and if you see something you would like to purchase please feel free to contact us via email, facebook or by calling me. Thank you and God bless.

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